About Us

Confido Security is a modern security and crowd control service that provides active management, security personnel & crowd control services for a diverse range of industries.

We are centred around delivering a service that you can place complete trust in, it’s even in our name, “Confido”, which is a Gaelic word that translates to “I Trust”.

Our company colour, teal, also says a lot about what we stand for. A colour known to symbolise communication & clarity of thought, we are exactly this; a reliable and accommodating service that focuses its operations on adapting & delivering to your needs.

Our Services

We service a wide range of industries, capable of handling all forms of security.

Crowd Control Services

Confido Security can provide you with outstanding modern crowd control services to ensure your needs are completely secure and run smoothly.

  • Highly trained & experienced staff
  • Customer service tailored to suit your target demographics
  • Maintain a safe enjoyable environment for patrons and employees, Minimising risks & antisocial behavior.

We can provide this service for a range of functions & venues, such as:

  • Bars
  • Concerts
  • Nightclubs
  • Festivals & Sport
  • Events

Security Personnel

Keeping a close watch on all activities, maintaining the safety of employees, guests and ensuring all security protocols are managed with our specialised security personnel. Our security personnel works together with clients to ensure all touch points are covered and all risks are mitigated. Maintaining a safe secure environment and smooth flow of operations.

Our security services are available for a diverse range of industries including:

  • Corporate Security
  • Concierge
  • Industrial Security
  • Mining
  • Construction Sites
  • Gatehouse
  • Static Guards
  • Commercial Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Marine Charters
  • Supermarket & Shopping Outlet’s
  • Bodyguards (UCPP)
  • Consultants (ADF & AFP backgrounds)

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